Organising a birthday party?

Time flies and my little girl turns ONE!! I still remember the night my water broke at 1am, then I quickly asked my aunt came over to look after my son. My Hubby uses his terrific driving skills to get me to the hospital in record time. The Doctor arrived at 2am and Natalie was born at 2.09am. One year has passed but my memory was still fresh.

I was determined to hold a party for Natalie, not only because she turns one but it is also a milestone for me – being a mother of two. However, organising a party is not easy (well I am sure most of you agree), there are so many considerations – weather, food, number of guests, venue, cake, gifts…….etc

So I am going to share my party preparation this time and hopefully will save you some time or at least give you some ideas on organising your next kids birthday party!

  1. The Birthday Cake
    • The first thing that comes to my mind! Finding a great baker with a reasonable price is not easy. I am pretty happy with Two Sweet Sisters. I have used them twice now and the quality of the cake is fantastic. Not only looks great but absolutely tastes great! They charge a reasonable price and is very pleasant to deal with. The baker herself is a grandma and she is very happy to give any advice on the cake! All you need to do is message her on her facebook page and get a quote, and if you are happy with it you need to pay a $50 deposit to secure your booking. Highly recommended! the only downfall is that she doesn’t do delivery, so you will have to pick it up from her house. She lives pretty close to me so I have no problem with it, but if you live a bit further away then it may not be your best choice. Here are the 2 cakes I ordered from her. One for my Son’s 4th birthday and my daughter’s first birthday
    • IMG_0863IMG_0283 IMG_0321
  2. Venue
    • It is VERY hard to find a right venue to host a birthday party! My house isn’t big enough so I have to find something else! Indoor play centres are always good but a little pricey. With my daughter this time, I have selected a park instead of play centre. She is only one and really can’t do much at the play centre. In reality, it is better to hold it in a park so that her big brother can run around and burn some energy without costing too much!! I have selected a park not to far from home – Yamble Reserve. It is a great park with lots of facilities. Sand Pit, Flying Fox, Scooter/Bike track, slide, swings, cargo nets etc. The kids had lots of fun and didn’t want to go home!! The thing with holding a birthday party at the park is that you need to get there early to secure a spot. Most of the shelter areas are first in first serve basis. I sent my hubby down there at 9am and he was lucky to take the last empty spot.
    • IMG_0284 IMG_0285
  3. Decoration
    • Decorations are always important! I didn’t do much this time. All I did was ordered a 760 x 1830 mm banner from vistaprint! There are lots of templates on the vista print website and you can customise your word and images on the banner. Price is quite competitive too! I have got a large banner on a sale price @ $30!!  It is made out of plastic and you can reuse it for next year!! On top of the banner I also ordered customised stickers from Vistaprint. I ordered the small size which fits 24 small circle stickers in an A4 sheet. Price starts from $7 per sheet.
    • IMG_0276
    • Since I decided a theme on “Little Miss Sunshine”, I have been looking and finding anything about this little character (aka google :p). So I went past Myer in the CBD the other day and I found out the Mr Men & Little Miss personalised artwork!!! Perfect for me!! So I pick the character I want (Little Miss Sunshine) and asked the staff to personalise it with my daughter’s name on it. The small print with frame cost me $69
    •  photo 5 (2)
    • I was going to get a balloon and some buntings too. But it was a bit rush for me so I end up not buying it. It would surely add more details to the party look 🙂
  4. Party Bag
    • I went to some of the dollar shops and party shops but couldn’t find what I wanted. So I actually have something in mind, I wanted to get a plain little box with handles so that I can put a custom sticker on it. I went and searched around and found some pretty good size food box in a wholesale kitchenware store! It’s only 30c each!! Bargain!! and here you go!
    •  box IMG_0275
  5. Lolly Jar
    • I always wanted to have a big lolly jar!! It’s a kind of childhood memory. Loving the way you can go and grab you own lolly into a lolly bag! So I decided to buy a big lolly jar and fill with some lovely lollies! With the lolly, I wanted to get something different rather than the conventional one! I went to a shop in Westfield Sydney called Happylab. Oh heaps of choices!! and they look fabulous!! My favorite was the watermelon gummy!! yummm. I also bought some jelly beans and chocolate and most of them were on sale!! (How lucky I was!!)
    • IMG_0278 photo 2 (8)
  6. Food
    • Since we had our party at a park, we had to order some food to cater our guests. There is a small chinese takeaway shop down the road from where we live and I ordered a few party food items from them – egg tart, spring roll, chicken wings plus some fried rice and noodles. Great value and tasty! Kids love the chicken wing and spring roll so much!!
  7. Other things to bring
    • Table cloth – just grab some from the dollar shop that fits your theme.
    • Disposable cups, plates, cutlery and serviette – again, just pick the right colour that fits your theme. Example – I had the theme of Little Miss Sunshine so I just grabbed some pink and yellow items.
    • Serving spoon and Knife – I almost forgot to bring them!! Remember them on your list otherwise I’m not sure how everyone is gonna eat!!
    • Drinks – we just bought some juice and ice tea from Woolworths. Didn’t want too fancy stuff since we have to carry lots of stuff to the park already.

I guess that’s quite a lot of information isn’t it? Happy to answer any question! Have fun planning your next party!!

Written by Cathy@Smiley