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Have you ever bought any organic food? When you walk into Woolworths, there is usually an aisle filled with organic food. I started looking at organic food when I had my first son. As a mother, I always want the best for my little one. I started buying organic baby food, organic fresh produce, organic baby formula for my little one. Although it is a little expensive, I still think it’s worth it. However, there are limited choices on fresh organic produce in supermarkets.

A few years down the track, I had my second baby and I started to look for fresh organic produce again. This time around, I wanted to buy a larger quantity that is enough to feed my whole family. Having two kids with me is so hard to go shopping on fresh organic produce and hence I went online and searched for help!

I have tried 2 companies so far:

One Table (previously Group Organics) – They are a family of 6 who have been buying organic from shops, markets, supermarkets and Co-Ops for about 8 years and it got to the point where walking out of a shop with 1 box of food costing $160 and they believe there has got to be a better way. And this is how One Table started. By harnessing buying power and grouping up orders so that we can save on fantastically fresh organic food.

So I decided to give it a go! I went online and registered my interest and put in my address. Then someone emails me back and creates an account for me based on my location. When I log into my account, it will give me the option of picking up from the local neighbour or home delivery. I prefer home delivery as it’s much easier for me.  My local delivery date is either Wednesday or Friday. You can order online up until the day before delivery day. I have ordered a seasonal medium box with mix vegetables & fruits which costs $60. You can also pick what you want in the box and there are plenty of choices on the web. You can even buy organic meat, dairy products, sugar and tea etc. I am a bit lazy to pick individual items and I am happy to have a “mystery box” and so I chose the seasonal box.

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I received an SMS the next morning and advised my delivery is on its way. Once the box has been delivered I also received an SMS notification. I went home checking this delivery, it came with a thermos bag with an ice pack in it.

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I unpacked them and it contains quite a few items: sweet potatoes, avocados, kiwi, bananas, carrot, broccoli, apple, pear, zucchini, onion and spinach. I tasted them and they are certainly very fresh and delicious!

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They include a personal thank you note which I find it a very nice gesture. Overall I find it works well for me. With a family of 4, it lasted around a week for us (dinner only). You can find out more on their facebook page or web site.


Pure Organic Generation – I came across this because my mother in law met the founder in an event where she shared her own experience on recovering from an illness. The founder became very cautious on what she eats and started a healthy eating journal. She is passionate about healthy eating and believe organic food is always the best choice.

I have ordered a mix medium vegetable and fruits box. It cost $70 and it includes lots of items – banana, sweet potatoes, avocado, watermelon, broccoli, carrot, zucchini, cucumber, apple, corn, pumpkin, eggplant, tomatoes, chinese bok choy, strawberry and potatoes! It came with a foam box and an ice pack to keep it fresh.

IMG-20151109-WA0015 (2) IMG-20151109-WA0014 (2)

When I opened the box, it certainly catches my eye! It looks super fresh and loads of value! My hubby surely agree the quality of these produces!

IMG-20151109-WA0013 (2) IMG-20151109-WA0012 (2) IMG-20151109-WA0011 (2)IMG-20151109-WA0009 (2)

With this box, it lasts us a bit more than one week (dinner only). Delivery date is Thursday and you can order it up until 2pm the day before the delivery date. Fabulous quality and definitely tastes better than non organic produce!

You can visit their web page or call 0478 745 481 for any enquiry.

Reviewed by Cathy @ Smiley Organics


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