It’s our FIRST birthday since we become Smiley Organics!!

I often get asked by lots of people – “How did you manage all that??!!” So let me introduce myself properly!

My name is Cathy – a mother of 2 (5 year old son and 1 year old daughter) and a wife to a wonderful husband .

This is my family! Isaac, Cathy, Natalie and Vincent.



I have a 9-5 day job working as a risk analyst in a bank and running this business part time. I am constantly struggle with time, here is my typical weekdays schedule

5:30 am – wake up

7:00am – start working in the city

4:00pm- off work and heading home

5:00pm – pick up my son and daughter

6:00pm – start preparing for dinner

6:30pm- feeding my 1 year old and bath her

7:00pm- hopefully dinner is ready and my hubby is home

8:00pm- finish dinner and putting my daughter to sleep. My son’s turn bathing…

8:30pm- Reading with my son and doing homework (if any)

9:00pm – putting my son to sleep (I often fall asleep in his room …..)

so after that, I will start working on my business!! and this schedule doesn’t cover the days I need to bring my son to various classes (swimming class, music class etc). I am sure most of you mums can relate to this!!

I struggle but I enjoy every minute working on my business, it’s something that I love and would like to share with people around me. I learn a lot through this wonderful business set up process, I learn some basic web site building skill, learn stock management skills, running markets and pop up stores, PR, advertising, photography, digital marketing etc. And I am still CONSTANTLY LEARNING. I just recently join an online photography course and trying to improve my photography skills.

I have lots of failure through out this process and still working towards success! I have time doubting myself and wanted to give up but when I hear some encouraging stories on facebook mummies group I am determined to DO IT!!

I feel lonely at times because I don’t know who should I talk to. My hubby will listen to me but often ignores me. Sometimes I just need someone who can support me and give me some advise along the way.

I started this business because I am determined to give my child the best of what I can do! I started look for organic food, organic clothing, sustainable alternative! I want to give me child a sustainable future and I believe I can be a part of this! Use ORGANIC!!

When it comes to clothing, comfort should always come first and then consider the style. In the fashion world, style always come first and comfort just goes second. I believe comfort and style should BOTH come first in children’s clothing. Who doesn’t want their children wearing stylish, cute and comfort clothing? Organic cotton is definitely the way to go. It is the best on the children’s sensitive skin, it is much softer than the normal cotton as it is pesticide and chemical free.

And then yes there are plenty of organic clothing baby store on the market, but they are all in natural tone (ie. grey, white etc), as much as I love this tone (absolutely looks great on my children!) I want some colour sometimes. I believe children should be fun and it should reflect it on their clothing. I search for colourful, fun and playful style organic baby clothing and there are not much around Australia. So I import them and here we are – Smiley Organics.

I still have lots of questions about my business and still don’t know what is the best way to share my story to you all.

I hope you all know a little bit about me now and Come visit our store and tell us what you think!!

Oh I forgot to mention – we are running a Instagram birthday giveaway right NOW!!

Head over to our Instagram account and find the original photo below to enter! Good Luck!


Talk soon!



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