Our hopefully not too late…2016 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is coming!!!!! There is so much going on here at Smiley Organics!

Have you sorted out your kiddies Christmas presents yet? What’s on your list this year? I love reading gift guides, it gives you lots of ideas!! So we have put together our most popular christmas gifts this season for you!
To make it more exciting, everything in this Gift Guide will be 25% off until 10th Dec!!

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Top 10 Christmas Gift Guide by Smiley Organics

  1. MIBO Backpack

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These MIBO backpacks are our all time favourites!! Perfect for preschoolers! It is an absolutely great Christmas gift! Kids look so cute with it!

2. Our Reversible Hats


These reversible hats are so practical as you have 2 designs in one hat! Looks very pretty on your little girl!

3. Coin Purse


Little coin purse is a great gift idea for you little one! Toddlers love having their own little purse to keep all their pocket money!

4. Eco Container Set

Eco set 557-thickbox_default

This Mother’s Corn Eco Container Set is a perfect addition to your kitchen! Great for food storage and you can easily convert it into a sippy cup!!

5. Secret Garden Body


Our secret garden body is surely one of our most popular items this summer. If you are after a special piece this summer then this is the one!

6. Bamboo swaddle 3 pack

Azure azure2

We love swaddling our babies! These bamboo swaddle blankets are so soft! Perfect for your little one’s sensitive skin! Would be a great gift idea for baby shower! We have 3 styles available : Moonlight, AzureMilky Way.

7. Mockingbird Street Starlight Confetti Blanket


This lovely reversible quilt featuring starlight illustration on one side and fun Confetti design on the other. Absolutely gorgeous! Quilt measures 100 x 130 cm

Great addition to your nursery!

8. MIBO Rucksack


These little rucksack are great for your toddler! Can use it as a library bag, swimming bag or santa sack! Great design and very practical!!


9. Smart Toddler Set


This Mother’s Corn smart toddler set is a perfect gift set this Christmas! It includes a multi meal plate, a self training cup and a self training spoon/fork. It is designed for babies and toddlers to have an easy ability to pick up their food due to the design of the curved edges as well as having sections to place multiple foods.

10. MIBO Tee

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How cute are these Tshirts!! Featuring front and back design. Your little one will surely look cool during this summer!

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