About us


My name is Cathy – a mother of 2  and a wife to a wonderful husband . I see myself as a foodie and a coffee lover (maybe a bit of wine too :p)! Before we have kids, we travel all around Sydney and tried most of  the “hats” restaurants and the highly rated cafe. I certainly have a passion in food and love the “artistic” presentation on the dishes.

When i fell in pregnancy with my first son, i started to research about Organic. I use organic produces whenever possible, i buy organic baby food, organic baby clothes, natural baby bathing products etc…

I want to give him the best.

That’s how my journal started….


I want to give me child a sustainable future and I believe I can be a part of this! Use ORGANIC!!

Although there are plenty of organic clothing baby store on the market, but they are all in natural tone (ie. grey, white etc), as much as I love this tone (absolutely looks great on my children!) I want some colour sometimes. I believe children should be fun and it should reflect it on their clothing. I search for colourful, fun and playful style organic baby clothing and there are not much around Australia. So I import them and here we are – Smiley Organics.

I would like to use this platform to share everything i like(or i dont like), the food that i love, the clothing that i use, the products that i recommend. Happy blogging!